The Inquisitors


After cleansing the Church courtyard of the last straggling zombies, Cain and Elder White made haste for the cemetery. Once there, the heavy foot traffic created by the undead led a clear path into the mausoleum known as Eternal Sanctuary, where the city’s fallen clergy are entombed.

Inside, the atmosphere was grim and foreboding. Notwithstanding the zombies wandering the entrance hall, the duo were disturbed to find the location desecrated. Holy markings were gouged into incomprehensibility where they were not outright destroyed, and on the stone door in the lower catacombs, profane runes of warding were carved. Combing their memories, Cain and Elder White were able to recall dispelling prayers taught to them by Mother Frederica, and the profane symbols crumbled to dust.

The kindly Mother seemed ages away now…

Pressing on, they encountered a wild-eyed acolyte-turned-heretic in the middle of chopping off a zombie’s mangled leg with a cleaver. After dispatching the acolyte and the creature, the pair had a moment to search the room, discovering the nature of the “experiments” to be something of a macabre surgery. Some bodies were chopped to bits while others were crudely mended together with the pieces—thankfully, the experiments were unsuccessful.

The sense of evil was nearly overpowering, but the two Hands soldiered forth where they happened upon a conversation in progress…

“…the old man only speaks to Braun. You know that.”
“Aye, but an update now an’ then would be nice.”
“Just be thankful that yer on the winnin’ side now. If the old man hadn’t made the deal with Braun, we’d be up there torn t’ bits by ghouls like the rest of ’em.”
“Don’t feel like we’re winnin’. It’s cold an’ dark an’ it smells like shit down ’ere.”
“That ain’t shit.”
“I know…”
“Just deal, will ye?”

The conversation continued, but the only topic was the card game. Cain and Elder White struck hard and fast, dispatching the two former town guardsmen as well as the zombie that fought with them. In the guards’ quarters, they discovered many items of interest that would undoubtedly prove useful as their Crusade continued.

The dead walk

Leaving Coldcreek Abbey turned out to be a perilous endeavor for Cain and Elder White. After dispatching a group of Heretic bandits on Cold Bridge, Elder White’s keen eyesight led them to a cottage tucked away in a swath of untouched forest. It was here that they met Simon and discovered a letter in the Heretics’ footlocker. It read as follows:

Harry the Cold Bridge and you will be rewarded handsomely. When Sanctuary falls, you will all have real homes. Real food. Real women—all yours for the taking. Do not disappoint me.

Disturbingly, the letter was sealed with the pale blue wax of Sanctuary, and stamped with the Church’s signet. After sending Simon to Coldcreeek Abbey, the duo arrived at the battlefield that was Sanctuary.

Father Keane gave Cain and Elder White a synopsis of recent events, including the maiming of Father Walter Winston, the illness of Mother Angelica Tarth, the departure of Father Albert Fog, and the death of Father Stephen Quincy. When asked about the letter, he seemed genuinely distraught that Sanctuary’s current state could have been brought on by someone inside the walls. The High Priest asked that the duo locate Lady Meredith, a loyal Hand who went missing during the battle.

Perhaps she found something that led her toward and answer. It was the only lead they had. Judging by the larger congregation of undead near the cemetery, it seemed like a reasonable place to begin.

A foreboding letter

Mother Frederica tells of a foreboding letter from Father Patrick Keane of Sanctuary. He writes that the dead walk, and beseeches Coldcreek Abbey for aid. Wizened Mother Frederica is alarmed by the news, citing that the cemetery is consecrated, and such an affront should not even be possible.

Coupled with the fact that Sanctuary houses some of the finest Inquisitors in the region, the situation must be dire for Father Keane to seek outside assistance. Mother Frederica assigns her best and brightest students to make haste to Sanctuary.

God only knows what has transpired since the letter arrived…

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