The Inquisitors

The dead walk

Leaving Coldcreek Abbey turned out to be a perilous endeavor for Cain and Elder White. After dispatching a group of Heretic bandits on Cold Bridge, Elder White’s keen eyesight led them to a cottage tucked away in a swath of untouched forest. It was here that they met Simon and discovered a letter in the Heretics’ footlocker. It read as follows:

Harry the Cold Bridge and you will be rewarded handsomely. When Sanctuary falls, you will all have real homes. Real food. Real women—all yours for the taking. Do not disappoint me.

Disturbingly, the letter was sealed with the pale blue wax of Sanctuary, and stamped with the Church’s signet. After sending Simon to Coldcreeek Abbey, the duo arrived at the battlefield that was Sanctuary.

Father Keane gave Cain and Elder White a synopsis of recent events, including the maiming of Father Walter Winston, the illness of Mother Angelica Tarth, the departure of Father Albert Fog, and the death of Father Stephen Quincy. When asked about the letter, he seemed genuinely distraught that Sanctuary’s current state could have been brought on by someone inside the walls. The High Priest asked that the duo locate Lady Meredith, a loyal Hand who went missing during the battle.

Perhaps she found something that led her toward and answer. It was the only lead they had. Judging by the larger congregation of undead near the cemetery, it seemed like a reasonable place to begin.


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