Churches and Abbeys

Churches and Abbeys, while existent pre-rapture, are slowly beginning to pop up across the region in greater quantity. Abbeys are the smaller, local versions while churches are typically larger and service a city, or sometimes an entire region.

Those new to the Inquisitors begin their training with a priest at an Abbey, and when deemed ready, take pilgrimage to the nearest Church for specialized training and, eventually, acceptance into the order.

Churches and Abbeys of note in the region include:

  • The Church of Sanctuary
    The only Church in the region, and considered one of the most important Holy sites in all of the land. Described in greater detail elsewhere.
  • Coldcreek Abbey
    The PC’s begin here, under the tutilege of Mother Frederica Poole.
  • St. Vincent Abbey
    Located in the west of the region halfway between Sanctuary and the seaside town of Tam’s Inlet.
  • Crossroads Abbey
    Located in the north, at the village of Crossroads.

Churches and Abbeys

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