While God is the unseen hand and creator of all things, his antithesis is much more than a name or a concept spoken by the devout. The Demon is, or was, a living being that ate the same food and walked the same grass as today’s humans. In fact, he was not always the Demon. He was a man.

The evil of Victor Drake is well-chronicled in historical texts. Most scholars believe he lived approximately 700 years ago, though exact dates are difficult to come by. At one point, he named himself Duke of the region in which present-day Sanctuary resides. Slavery was rampant and slavers were cruel—Drake the worst of them. A new head on the Duke’s iron-spired fence meant that someone dropped a spoon or served his lordship his tea at the incorrect temperature.

It was in early incarnation of the Inquisitors (though not named as such) that brought the tyrant Drake to justice.

What happened next is where the story diverges.

Some say that Vincent Drake’s evil was so strong that it overcame his very soul—the essence of everything that made the man—and transcended his death. Others say that God cursed the murderous Duke upon his death with the visage of a common farm animal.

Regardless of how the man became the Demon, no one disputes the fact that a half-man half-goat ravaged the Holy warriors who brought him down. In the end, it took five of the Church’s finest knights to put an end to the Demon’s warpath.

…but they could not kill it. Legend tells that the Demon was bound by Holy shackles and thrust into the bowels of the planet, imprisoned eternally.


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