Prior to the Rapture, Sanctuary was a religious town, and remains relatively intact. Today, more than ever, the Church is the focal point of the town, dominating the northern wall with its bulk and dormitory. The town itself is small, composed of the bare essentials required to keep the Church running smoothly. Farms outside the walls provide food, where it is finished in town by the butcher and baker. Defense is primarily handled by the watch, and travelers visiting the Church may stay at the local inn and enjoy the hospitality of The Stopover, Sanctuary’s tavern.

Since the Rapture, little has changed in Sanctuary, save for the Church. Previously a place of worship, it now expands upon that role. It is considered the most important Church in the region for the training of Inquisitors, though its standards are high. Most consider it a finishing school, where the best and brightest are given chance to learn from the greatest masters of the Divine.

Recently, the nearby Abbeys have heard little from the Church, save for a foreboding letter to Mother Frederica beseeching her for aid. She has dispatched her most accomplished acolytes to Father Patrick’s aid.

Upon arrival, Cain and Elder White saw little of a town and much of a battlefield. Despite the fact that the number of fallen undead vastly outnumbered that of fallen humans, only the dead remained walking in Sanctuary. They shambled, aimless and lost, horribly wailing until silenced by arrow and sword. Townsfolk who could not reach the refuge of the Church holed up in their homes, relatively safe for the time being.

After skirting the walls and rescuing the town blacksmith, the duo retreated to the Church to meet with Father Keane and Father Winston, the only able-bodied masters remaining in Sanctuary.


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